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Power Plus Electrical Services is a family owned business serving the North Dallas area.

Electrical hazards are responsible for hundred of deaths and thousands of injuries each year in the U.S. Property damage, the result of residential electrical fires, is estimated at $1.5 billion annually.

  • 400 deaths are attributed to work place electrocutions
  • 500 deaths are caused by residential electrical fires
  • 4,000 workplace injuries are due to electrical hazards
  • 6,000 injuries are caused by home electrical fires
  • 140,000 home fires are related to electricity

We are a full service electrical company providing installation and repair services to both business and residential customers. We range from facilities installations to small consumer repair projects.

Professionals should handle electrical work and that is what you will find at Power Plus Electrical Services. We can meet your needs for any residential, commercial, and industrial electrical project. We spend our days designing, installing, and maintaining systems of all types, and would love to work for you.

In addition to working with homeowners, we also work with realtors and home inspectors.

Dale Brewer, Master Electrician
TECL#24934 (Texas Electrical Contractor License)
Office: 469-362-1177
Cell: 469-867-0623